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Art- Mrs. Lee October 21
Coach Grant  March 10
Coach Young
Computer- Mrs. Acreman
Counseling- Mrs. Friesen June 28
Library- Mrs. Colee July 23
Music- Mrs. Lutz February 13
Science Lab- Mrs. Overby May 3
Spanish- Sra. Daniel April 1
Reading- Mrs. Weaver June 2
Interventionist- Mrs. Mumpfield July 16

Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Davis 
Mrs. Crittenden January 11
Mrs. Brothers July 26
Mrs. Lewis October 12
Mrs. Hardin July 3

First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Armstrong July 22
Mrs. Baker October 7
Mrs. Bryant October 23
Mrs. Palmer September 10
Mrs. Scott October 3

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Allred March 19
Mrs. Hall September 8
Mrs. Thomas July 5
Mrs. Wannamaker March 5
Mrs. Ausley October 8
Mrs. Donovan 

Fifth Grade Teachers

Ms. Bruner Feb. 2
Mrs. Dyer Sept. 2

Mrs. Boston Nov. 2
Mrs. Mills July 11
Mrs. Rodo May 20

4th Grade

Mrs. Hale July 23
Mrs. Nall February 7
Mrs. Cornwall April 11 

Mrs. Hall Sept. 1
Mrs. Offord Sept. 19
Mrs. Maertens Aug. 5

Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Harrell 
Mrs. Atcheson April 20
Mrs. Crew November 12 
Mrs. Gray December 4

Mrs. Norris October 12

Thank you for celebrating our teachers!

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