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Important 2020-2021 Updates

Hello FAAM parents! 

We are anxiously waiting for the finalized plan from our central office.  We feel certain we should receive the plan early this coming week.  I know you are all trying to make a decision on virtual or face to face.  We do have some changes at FAAM that I would like to update you on for the coming year. 

To help the issue of students moving around so much in the building we have decided this year to be self contained in grades kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  This means that these students will have one teacher who teaches all subjects.  Our 5th grade students will have 4 teachers to get them use to having several teachers in junior high.  However, the 5th grade students will stay in their homeroom class with the teachers moving to them.  All students will continue to have specialists and will travel to these areas of the building.  We know the kids still need movement so we will make that happen during specialist time. 

Several parents have asked if FAAM teachers will teach the virtual students. We have found out that FAAM teachers will teach the virtual students. We do not have definite plans on how this will occur but hope to have that info shortly. 

Students attending face to face will have to wear masks.  The mask must be a solid color with no pictures or writing. Any color will be accepted but the mask must be solid.  Face shields will also be accepted for students. Students must wear either a mask or face shield each and every day. They are able to wear both a face shield and mask if that is your choice for your child. We will provide lanyards for all FAAM students the first day of school.  The child’s mask will be attached to the lanyard to help students keep up with the mask and not drop it on the ground. The students will leave the lanyards at the school each afternoon.  Teachers will sanitize each one and the same lanyard will be given to the same child the next day. Please consider having one mask for each day of the week or wash the mask daily. 

I hope this information helps you to make an informed decision for your child and your family. Please remember that whichever choice you make, the choice will last for the first nine weeks. After the first nine weeks if you feel you would like to change, you may then do so. Please know that as soon as we have more information we will pass it along. Take care and please know we are working each and every day to find ways to make this year as normal as possible for our students. We miss you all!  

Emily Renfroe Farmer, Principal

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