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Time for Lunch!

Beginning after Labor Day, parents are welcome to start visiting students to eat lunch. Upon arrival, you should go to the office to sign in and get a visitor sticker.  There are benches in the hallway between the office and the lunchroom.  Please wait there until the classes come to lunch. Your student will see you when the class arrives at the lunchroom. The general practice for most teachers is that your child can choose a friend to eat lunch with him or her and you, but please confirm this with the teacher.

You can bring a lunch for yourself in a lunch bag, but please do not bring fast food in its original containers.  If you bring outside food for your child, please do not share it with other children.  Parents and students eat outside in the courtyards on either side of the auditorium.  It is best to avoid coming on rainy days, because it is an uncovered area.  

PTA members have worked hard this summer pressure washing and cleaning up the courtyards. Please be sure to clean up any spills and throw away your trash before you leave. The lunch schedule is posted outside of both of the courtyards, and new clocks are hanging in both courtyards, so you can be sure your child gets back to his or her teacher on time. Enjoy!

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