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This page is intended as a resource for grade level coordinators and room parents.  Please feel free to peruse, but if you are not a room parent or grade level coordinator please refrain from using.  If you would like to help with your child's grade or your child's class, please contact your class room parent or grade level coordinator.  


  1. Please do not abuse Room Parent privileges. Only e-mail the class when necessary. ALL class emails must be approved by Ms. Little, so please use the pre-approved sample emails whenever possible. Grade Level Coordinators may submit one email for the entire grade to use for other occasions.

  2. Be a helper to your teacher. Some teachers prefer more communication than others, but try to keep emails to a minimum. Teachers or Grade Level Coordinators will let you know when needs arise.

  3. There is a $5 maximum for donations that we can request from each student for parties. This is to cover both holiday parties. (Christmas & Valentine’s Day) However, you may maximize resources by asking for supplies or food to be donated. (plates, food, drinks, goodie bags, etc. for parties or activities)

  4. No children/other siblings are allowed when volunteering or on field trips.


  1. Holiday parties

  2. Duty-free Lunches – see notes below

    1. Teacher / Pair teacher birthdays - sample email below 

    2. Grade level Luncheon – dates below

    3. Teacher Appreciation Week - sample email to come April 2019

  3. Teacher Appreciation Week activities – info to come in April 2019

  4. Collecting teacher’s “My Favorites” sheet and distributing to the class – “My Favorites” attached

  5. Coordinate supplies/activities as requested by teacher or Grade Level Coordinator


Please note, you are welcome to recruit other parents to help.  Do not feel like everything has to be done by the room parent.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our PTA Volunteer Coordinators listed below, or your grade level coordinator.  You should have received emails from all three of these individuals.  If you need their contact information again, please use the contact us page on this website and we will get you in touch.  

FAAM PTA Volunteer Coordinators, 2018-2019

Lauren Bright & Meg Wilber

Lead Teachers and Grade Level Coordinators for 2018-2019

Kindergarten – Bryant – Amanda Ming

First Grade – Baker – Allison Godwin

Second Grade – Hardin – Julia Brasher

Third Grade– Costa – Jorica de Jesus

Fourth Grade– Atcheson – Courtney Griffin-Burton

Fifth Grade – Dyer – Adrienne Koda

Duty Free Lunches

Ms. Little is in support of Duty Free Lunches. However, to be fair to all teachers, all teachers must have the same opportunity for the same number of duty free lunches. We will need to ensure all teachers have a duty-free lunch in addition to the teacher appreciation day, such as the teacher birthday. A teacher may request a duty-free lunch with you after approval by Ms. Little.

Due to safety policy, children must remain inside the lunch area and may not be taken outside. If parents are covering a class for lunch, there must be at least two teachers in the lunchroom to help supervise students. Teachers are aware of this policy.

Forest Avenue room parents have traditionally asked our teachers when they would like to celebrate their birthday with a duty-free lunch. Room parents are requested to provide lunch for the teacher and her pair teacher, from the celebrant’s restaurant of choice. We also request that each homeroom and switch class provide at least 2 parents to sit with their respective classes so the teachers can enjoy a duty-free lunch. Room parents will coordinate a special treat for the teachers to share with the class (cupcakes or cookies).

Please inform Dawn Atkison in the office once you have finalized the date of this luncheon and copy both Lauren  and Meg on the email. Please be mindful of the no-visitor rules during standardized testing.

Important Dates for Room Parents
October 2: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (K Performance)
October 4: Kindergarten Teacher Luncheon
November 6: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (3rd Grade Performance)
November 8: 3rd Grade Teacher Luncheon
December 6: 5th Grade Teacher Luncheon

December 11: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (5th Grade Performance)
December 19: (Wednesday): Holiday Parties: 2-3 PM; set-up 1:30 PM; clean-up 3-3:30PM; parents to cars no later than 3:30PM
February 5: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (1st Grade Performance)  
February 7: 1st Grade Teacher Luncheon
February 14 (Thursday): Valentine Parties: 2-3 PM; set-up 1:30 PM; clean-up 3-3:30PM; parents to cars no later than 3:30PM
March 5: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (2nd Grade Performance)         
March 7: 2nd Grade Teacher Luncheon
April 2: PTA Meeting, 6 pm (4th Grade Performance)
April 4: 4th Grade Teacher Luncheon
May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week


First of the Year Email (sample text)

Dear Parents of Mrs. XXXXX Class,

I am XXXX, one of your FAAM room parents for this year; XXXX is the other room parent. She or I will be sending you important notices of dates, helping to coordinate parties, etc. during this school year. We are very excited about working with you all to make this a great year for the children! There are several important rules that FAAM parents must follow regarding parties, gifts, field trips etc. 

We can only donate $5 maximum per child for parties per school year. These funds will be used directly for the party. HOWEVER, we can maximize the resources by asking parents to bring items for the parties, such as food, beverage, gift bags for the kids, crafts, etc.  Please feel free to volunteer for these items when the need arises.

Parents can also provide much needed items and donations to our teacher’s classroom fund.  Monetary gifts of any size can be made out to “The Classroom of XXXX” and turned into the office for a tax-deductible receipt. To help you with ideas to show our teacher how much we appreciate her, we have asked her to complete a “My Favorites” survey; her answers are attached.

It is FAAM policy that no other children/siblings are allowed when volunteering or on field trips. Please be mindful of this policy as you volunteer.

If you are registered with Facebook, please “like” the Forest Avenue PTA Facebook page for updates and various information.

We will notify you of field trips, parties, and teacher appreciation luncheon dates as they are set. We will also reach out to you for needed items and volunteers; please feel free to volunteer and participate in the activities!  Let's work together to make this a GREAT FAAM year! 


Room Parents

Teacher Birthday Email (sample text)


Dear Parents of Mrs. XXXX class,

SSHHH! SURPRISE! Mrs. XXXX's birthday is [WEEKDAY], XX/XX/XX. We were hoping you can help us make this a great birthday for her! If you would like to participate, please have your child bring to school on [WEEKDAY], [DATE] (NOT BEFORE!):

1) A birthday card or handwritten note from your child wishing Mrs. XXX "Happy Birthday"!

2) A small sweet or salty treat, or gift card. Ideas include: candy, gum, chips, pretzels, etc.

3) A pretty flower (fresh cut from your yard is great!). Room parents will have an empty vase on Mrs. XXX's desk for the child to place upon entry that morning. We are also providing a birthday surprise treat (cupcakes or cookie cake) to share during lunch with Mrs. XXX's class.

Thank you in advance for your help! Again, the Room Parents will be sending more general classroom information out in the upcoming weeks, but for now, let's keep this a SURPRISE for Mrs. XXX!

Your XXX Room Parents

Room Parent Resources

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