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We           our teachers!
      We love our teachers and appreciate how hard they work for our students!  Our #faamily would not be complete without them.   Our teachers pour their heart and soul into our students and we like to remember them on their birthdays, around the holidays and with different events throughout the year.  Some of our celebrations are listed below along with links to your teachers favorite things, birthdays, and Amazon wish lists. 

* Teacher Welcome Back Breakfast:  The PTA hospitality committee sets up a breakfast during the week before school starting each year.  

*Monthly Teacher Luncheons:  Each month one grade level performs at the monthly PTA meeting.  To remember our teachers extra effort that month we host a luncheon for the teachers that prepared the program that month.  This is a great time for our teachers to have a moment to just visit with one another.

*Holiday Snack Room: As the first semester draws to an end we celebrate our teachers by providing a snack room filled with homemade goodies and treats the last week of school.  

*Birthday Lunches: Throughout the school year our room moms keep track of their teachers birthdays and collect money from the class to provide delivery of a meal on the teachers birthday.

*Teacher Appreciation Week: TAW is celebrated every year in May.  During this week the PTA Hospitality committee puts together a coffee before school one morning and a teacher luncheon on another day during that week.  We also have themes each day of the week for our students to celebrate their teachers in fun ways.  

*Financial Support: Every year the PTA provides each teacher with a small stipend to help make supply purchases for their classrooms.

Teacher Snacks:  New this year the PTA will be stocking the teachers conference room with snacks for teachers to grab when they need a pick me up or a quick break.
Teacher Email List
Teacher Birthdays
Teachers Amazon Wish Lists
Teacher Snack Room Sign Ups
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